Ages 16, 17,  18 and 19


Combining fundamental rugby specific skills with elements of competition and emphasis on the individual performance

  • Correct attention to detail and application of skill


  • Challenging environment and to standards of performance.


  • Performance in the pursuit of desired outcomes and results

Coach Development

Ages 12, 13, 14 and 15

Combining elements of fundamental moving skills and rugby specific skills

  • Explore
  • Express opinions
  • Solving problems and finding solutions
  • Try new skills and approaches


  • Coaching is about teaching
  • Leaning through understanding
  • Skill development through progressions


  • Game play and modified sided games
  • Skilled based games
  • Games are controlled with fun and safety aspects
  • Fundamental skills application in game progressions
  • Technical efficiency of the skills
  • Technical coaching development focusing on teaching fundamental skills.
  • Creating confident coaches with the eagerness and mindset to continuously improve their skill levels.
  • Game planning, tactical development workshops and opposition analysis.
  • Guidance on the benefits and the structure of effective strength and conditioning programs, nutrition, and psychological assessment.
  • Structured player development programs to clubs and guest coaching sessions.
  • Performance goals orientated
  • Our quality lies in our detailed development of fundamental skills together with a decision-making component and mental component in everything we do.
  • Physiological assessment and tailored strength and conditioning programs.
  • Psychological analysis and intervention programs.
  • Player profiling and individual feedback.

  • Individual Tailored programs to compliment club training and matches
  • Physiological player recovery techniques


Club and Team


Player Development Model

Player Development

  • Evaluation of rugby programs and periodization plans with clubs and coaches
  • Development of individual coach and player models
  • Special coaching sessions at clubs on request per team or area of the game
  • Individual athlete performance sessions in fundamental skills, specialized fitness and conditioning programs and video analysis.
  • The Academy will continue to invest in the research and development of skill acquisition and elite coach education ensuring that its programs and products remain at the forefront of best practice delivery.