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Training Fee $50.00

Wear rugby shorts and cleats, bring running shoes, mouth guard and water!


Cobra Rugby Academy Weekly Plan

Date         Topic                                                Session Theme                                                                                   Coaching Points                                                                                                  

9/17       Defense                     Tracking and Safe and effective tackling techniques                          Cobra‚Äôs 10 Steps of safe and effective tackling

9/24       Defense                                        Defensive organization                                               Decisions from the tackle, line speed and ruck defense

10/1       Attack                                   Evasion and Evasive Running Lines                                         Various Evasive 1v1 Options and Running Lines

10/15    Attack                                                  Ball Handling                                                                              Catch and Pass Fundamentals

11/12    Attack v Defense                  Taking Contact and Rucking                                                   Contact Fundamentals Pre /During /After Contact

11/19    Attack v Defense              Space, Turnovers and Counter Attack                                      Two Pass Rugby and moving the ball into space



                         Sunday,  January 21st    11am to 1pm

                               at Hall Park  298 E Chestnut Street                                                               

                                                  Dixon, CA 95620       

     7's Try Outs for Cobra Elite Sevens Squad

                        for u/16 and u/18