• Technical coaching development focusing on teaching detailed fundamental skills.  Making sure that coaches understand the “WHY” first and then also to know how to formulate questions to their players.  We will show what they need to look for and what questions to ask and why it is relevant to the performance of the player.
  • Creating confident coaches with the eagerness and mindset to continuously improve their skill levels.
  • Coaching our coaches to make their players better decision makers a skill that is very neglected at youth rugby because of our culture of telling them always what to do and not giving them the opportunity to figure it out for themselves.
  • Teaching the value of a effective culture that is based on performance goals and not always outcome goals.
  • Technical, Tactical and Mental development workshops that specialize on certain aspects of the game.
  • Mentoring programs.
  • Coaching Courses
  • Opportunities for coaches to engage on a regional level first


Coaching Development

Coach Development